The latest printing issue in Windows 11 requires administrator access to print in certain scenarios.

Bottom line: Windows 11 hasn’t been limited to compatibility and performance issues since its launch. The operating system also affects printers for both home users and businesses. The newest printing complication caused by the latest Microsoft upgrade requires users to enter administrator credentials before they can use the printer.

Microsoft has disclosed a recently discovered issue on the Windows 11 Known Issues page. results in a request requiring administrator credentials when users try to print in environments where both the print server and print client are in different time zones.

This particular printing issue is likely not to affect devices used in the home as the printing environments in question are more common in businesses and organizations. However, enterprises will have to deal with a slight headache as the bug affects a significant number of client and server platforms.

A solution to the problem with printing administrator credentials will be available at the end of October. This is not the only printer-related issue found in recent weeks. It has been reported that Brother printers connected via USB in Windows 11 also do not work as expected.

There are three more officially recognized printing problems that still need to be addressed. Attempting to install printers over some network connections may fail, custom print properties may not be provided correctly to print server clients, and Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) printer installations may fail.

Look at the bright side; at least the scan function will work – unless, of course, you are using certain Canon multifunction devices.

Apart from the aforementioned bugs, Microsoft has resolved and released an update for compatibility issues with Intel Killer and SmartByte networking software.

Elsewhere, a recent patch to fix AMD-based performance drops didn’t quite go according to plan and instead slowed the processors down even further. However, Windows 11 users participating in the Insiders program have already received the hotfix.

Another notable flaw caused by Windows 11 causes applications that use some non-ASCII characters in their registry keys to not open. However, there is no update information yet as Microsoft is still investigating this specific issue.

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