The hacker claims to sell data to over 100 million T-Mobile customers; the company says it is investigating

What happened now? T-Mobile is investigating allegations of a serious data breach that stole personal information from 100 million customers and is now up for sale. Those taking charge are asking for 6 bitcoins, about $ 270,000, for a subset of data that contains information on 30 million social security numbers and driver’s licenses.

According to motherboard reportThe data comes from compromised T-Mobile servers and includes information about social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, unique IMEI numbers and driver’s licenses. The publication has confirmed that it contains accurate information about T-Mobile customers.

Sellers advertised the data on an underground forum. They said T-Mobile found the breach and blocked their access to the servers. Unfortunately, the stolen data has already been downloaded. “It is supported in many places,” they said.

T-Mobile has yet to confirm if it was hacked. A statement to Motherboard said: “We are aware of the claims made in the underground forum and are actively investigating their validity. We do not currently have any additional information to share. “

If the report is accurate, the hack would be linked to some of the largest hacks in history, comparable to the 2018 My Fitness Pal attack that stole 150 million user accounts. However, the 3 billion accounts hit by the Yahoo hack in 2013 are still a long way off.

T-Mobile is no stranger to such incidents. In February, it exposed a data breach after an unknown number of customers were attacked with SIM swaps, and in December it was subjected to another attack that revealed confidential information about the customer’s network. Returning to the past, we can say that in 2018, as a result of a hack, the personal information of 2.3 million customers was compromised.

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