The Google app for iOS to switch to Android is now compatible with all Android 12 phones.

In short: It’s now easier for iPhone users to migrate to the Google platform as the latter has rolled out its Switch to Android app on iOS to all Android 12 (and newer) phones. The app, which previously only worked with Google Pixels, can transfer iPhone data like contacts, photos, videos, calendar events, and more wirelessly or with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable.

AT Blog Post Highlighting some of the reasons for switching to Android, Google announced that its Switch to Android app for iPhone users is now rolling out to all Android 12 phones. While Apple’s Switch to iOS app has been helping users switch to iPhone for years, Google’s response came quite late and in limited form with the Transition to Android app, which until now only worked with pixels.

Android OEMs such as Samsung and OnePlus have also offered their own data transfer apps (SmartSwitch, OnePlus Switch) to transfer iPhone and Android content. However, Google appears to be making its Switch to Android app the unified standard for both wireless and wired transfers.

iPhone data that can be transferred using the Google app includes contacts, photos and videos (stored locally or in iCloud), music (non-iTunes, DRM-free), apps (free version), calendar events, alarms, call logs, and messages . . The latter includes SMS, iMessage texts, and whatsapp message history and media. Of course, you will need to disable iMessage on iPhone during this process in order to receive texts on Android phone in the future.

Google also notes that a copy of the data is created for the transfer process, making it safe and secure. If something goes wrong during the transfer, there is no risk of data loss as the content will remain safe on the old device.

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