The external design of Sony’s PlayStation 2 was not an original concept but borrowed from what unreleased console?

Choose your answer and the right choice will be revealed.

The Atari Falcon030, equipped with the Motorola 68030 processor, was introduced in late 1992, but by the end of 1993 was discontinued as a result of a corporate restructuring.

Before eventually shutting down its PC division, Atari was prototyping the Falcon040, which was to be powered by a Motorola 68040 and housed inside a “MicroBox” case, a design strongly reminiscent of Sony’s highly successful PlayStation 2.

In fact, the Falcon “MicroBox” is mentioned as part of the PlayStation 2 patent (US D450,318 S) which has a series of seven images describing a “decorative design” that Sony acquired from Atari. The resemblance is wonderful.

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