The classic 1990s Amiga game Zool returns this month

In the context: If, like this writer, you are fortunate enough to own one of several Commodore Amiga home computers released in the early 1990s, the name Zool may sound familiar to you. Basically, this was the platform’s approach to Sonic the Hedgehog. Now the gremlin ninja (apparently not an ant) ​​from the Nth dimension is returning.

Released in 1992 by Gremlin Graphics, the company behind the retro classics HeroQuest and the Lotus series, Zool barely hides the fact that it’s a Sonic clone. Looking through rose-colored glasses for nostalgia, I vaguely recall that it was a pretty good Amiga game at the time, although it wasn’t a patch on the blue Sega mascot. It was also very, very difficult.

For those who missed the first time, Sumo Digital is bringing the original Zool back to life with Zool Redimensioned, which it says has been “rebuilt from the ground up for a modern audience” under the guidance of the original developers at Gremlin Graphics. …

“The old school platformer Zool will challenge the most avid gamers with modern enhancements that will take the game into the 21st century,” it said. Steam page

It is noted that there is a more accessible mode “Redimensioned” and a hardcore challenge “Ultimate Ninja”. You can also play the original version of Mega Drive (Sega Genisis in the US), which is a little strange since it was released for the Amiga before it was ported to other platforms.

Some welcome additions to the new version include a level selection screen and checkpoints. There are also new secrets, challenges and over 25 achievements to unlock, and the music is a rework of the original tunes.

As you might guess, Zool Redimensioned will run on most fries-like computers, requiring only integrated graphics and a 4th generation Core i3 as minimum requirements. It will hit Steam sometime this month.

For more information on the Amiga, check out The Commodore Story: Gone But Not Forgotten.

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