The Apple Polishing Cloth will remove stains from your $ 19 Apple devices.

What the heck ?! Remember the $ 400 wheels for the Apple Mac Pro desktop that didn’t even have a locking mechanism, or the $ 1,000 monitor stand for the Pro Display XDR? Well, the latest Apple product to be on display in its store – the $ 19 polishing cloth – is another very (and unusually) overpriced item that charges too much for that embossed Apple logo that otherwise looks (and probably works) just like a regular microfiber cloth.

Apple’s recent hardware event was an impressive showcase of the company’s most powerful processors to date, running under the hood of its new MacBooks. However, another recently released product that is surprising is Apple. polishing cloth, which is now sold separately in the Apple Store for the not-so-small $ 19.

This is most likely the same or reworked version of the fabric that Apple included (and recommended) in its nano-textured Pro Display XDR. Apple has advised owners of these displays to contact them if they lose the polishing cloth they provided. Listing it as a separate purchase is likely to make life easier for both parties.

Aside from being made from a “soft, non-abrasive” material, besides the embossed Apple logo, there is nothing else to justify the price tag.

There’s also a list of compatible Apple devices in case you need an expensive cloth to clean your old iPhone SE or iPod touch.

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