Tesla Cybertruck gets crab mode and four-engine option at launch

In short: Tesla recently unveiled its Cybertruck pickup truck, noting that the electric vehicle will be offered in one, two and three-engine configurations. According to recent tweets from CEO Elon Musk, it looks like a four-engine version is also in development.

Tesla’s flagship Cybertruck (three-engined) can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds and offers a range of over 500 miles, leading many to regard it as one of a kind.

Musk recently confirmed that in addition to the one, two and three-engine options, there will also be a four-engine version, and that it will be the first to be released.

The four-engined version is expected to weigh more and be slightly faster than the three-engined version, but it looks like the former will have other unique features. This model will permit the driver can control the torque of each wheel and drive the truck like a tank – and even diagonally like a crab – since it has front and rear wheel steering. Given the size of the pickup, being able to drive it as Musk describes will certainly make parking much easier.

Recent footage of the Cybertruck shows someone driving it through the city, suburban roads, the unfinished Tesla Gigafactory and the field, demonstrating the vehicle’s versatility. However, it will be some time before we see how versatile the car really is, as Musk told staff that production would not begin until late 2022.

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