Tesla announces $300 Qi wireless charger for three devices

WTF?! Remember Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat, which Cupertino said will arrive in 2018 but was discontinued before launch? Tesla is releasing its own version of the device and seems to be taking a leaf out of Apple’s book by charging a hefty $300 premium for a Qi charger.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform described on the company’s website as being inspired by the Cybertruck’s angular design and metallic styling. It offers 15W fast charging power per device for up to three devices at the same time, which, as a reminder, means you’ll be paying the equivalent of $100 per device.

Other features that definitely justify the price include an aluminum body, a premium Alcantara surface, and a detachable magnetic stand that allows users to place the charger horizontally or at an angle for a better view.

The video on the charger’s product page shows it has 30 coils. Interestingly, there have been reports that one of the reasons Apple dropped the charging mat was technical issues. Chief among these were claims that it kept overheating, likely due to the multi-coil design.

Even if you’re a big Tesla fan and willing to pay $300 right now, don’t expect to get the charger until February 2023 when they start shipping. Alternatively, you can purchase one of the many similar, though not Cybertruck-inspired, three-way chargers. from the Amazon which start at around $40.

Tesla is no stranger to expensive “lifestyle” products. You may remember another Cybertruck-inspired item from last year: the $50 Cyberwhistle, which proved to be inexplicably popular – it’s still listed on the website as sold.

For other people who aren’t saving on their wallets during this time of economic crisis, there’s a $150 Tesla decanter inspired by the Musk Tesla Tequila brand, $175 miniature Tesla car models, a $30 mug, and a $60 umbrella. Or how about a $150 Tesla…& Chill Blanket. However, they’re probably no worse than Apple’s $299 desk book released in 2016, which chronicles 20 years of industrial design experience.

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