TCL Introduces 32 “4K 240Hz LCD TV and 75” 8K 265Hz Mini LED TV

What happened now? Today, gamers no longer have to choose between a high refresh rate or 4K resolution monitor with multiple 4K @ 144Hz options available on the market. Now TCL has showcased a display for those looking for something even faster: a 32-inch 4K gaming display with a 240Hz refresh rate. Not good enough? How about a 75-inch 8K Mini LED TV with 265Hz refresh rate.

The amazing displays were among several featured at TCL CSOT Huaxing Global Display Ecological. The conference took place yesterday in Shenzhen, reports ITHome… The 32-inch 4K @ 240Hz monitor, which will be the first of its kind on the market, offers 1ms response time and TCL’s proprietary image compression algorithm. It also has a sharp 800R curvature.

It is not yet known when the monitor will arrive, but we will most likely wait for DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR 20) graphics cards that offer up to 80Gbps raw bandwidth become popular.

It should be noted that TCL does not manufacture its own monitors, so this technology may first appear in OEM partner products.

TCL also unveiled a 75-inch 8K TV with 265Hz refresh rate and Mini LED backlighting that uses a-Si 4Mask 1G1D panel. As noted Tom’s equipmentThere are currently no display interfaces that can support the roughly 205 Gbps bandwidth required for this resolution / refresh rate combination, so don’t expect to see this kind of screen tech anytime soon.

Other items at the event include the world’s first 125-inch clear glass display, the 49-inch R800 5000+ Zones MLED display module, a 14-inch inkjet OLED scrollable screen and a 65-inch 8K OLED TV OLED co-developed by JOLED.

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