Take-Two sues Rockstar, “Bully” and “It Takes Two”

Hot potatoes: Take-Two Interactive, a company that has done little to please gamers with its relentless pursuit of GTA modders, is likely to spark even more anger following news of its almost proprietary troll behavior. The organization appears to have filed hundreds of trademark disputes over terms such as Rockstar, 2K, and Bully. He also followed the co-op title developer It Takes Two.

Twitter user Ash R… discovered list Take-Two Interactive has filed a trademark dispute with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It primarily targets organizations using the term Rockstar, the same name as the Take-Two subsidiary behind the GTA games.

Some of the controversial names include Don’t Be a Rockstar Legend, Rockstars & Tattoo Artists, and Rockstar Ax Throwing.

Take-Two has also filed a lawsuit against anyone using the term “2K”, another of its listed subsidiaries Prey2K. Even “Max Fein” and “Max Payne” cannot escape due to the fact that they are too similar to Max Payne from Rockstar Games. There is also one for World Bully Free. He even filed lawsuits against the company, which uses the letter “R” as its logo, despite the fact that its design is completely different from that of Rockstar.

One of the very familiar names on the list is “It Takes Two.” The excellent co-op platformer Hazelight Studio is one of our best PC games (you have to play), but it looks like Take-Two thought the title was too similar to its own – by that logic, perhaps Kim Weston and the Marvin Guy estate may sue Take-Two Interactive.

Several trademarks have been abandoned, including the trademark against It Takes Two, but many are still valid.

Earlier this year, Take-Two Interactive filed a lawsuit against four mod developers for their improved versions of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The group recently responded by stating that the games they have created are protected by fair use under the Copyright Act.

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