Taco Bell Launches $ 10 / Day Taco Subscription Program

What just happened? The subscription model has proven to be hugely successful in the entertainment world, but can it be applied to other areas of our lives? Taco Bell is keen to find out as the fast food chain launched a digital taco subscription service that allows members to redeem free tacos every day for 30 consecutive days.

Subscribers can choose from seven different tacos, including Crispy Tacos, Crispy Tacos Top, Soft Tacos, Soft Tacos Top, Spicy Potato Tacos, Doritos locos tacos, and Doritos locos supreme tacos.

V Taco Lover’s Pass costs $ 10 and can be purchased Taco Bell Rewards Program members.

Taco Bell verified idea in Tucson, Arizona in September 2021, and it was found that 20 percent of the participants were new to the Taco Bell Rewards Program. Another 20 percent extended a second time, with the fan favorite tacos being the Doritos locos Supreme.

Food subscription services are a risky proposition. If you are like me, eating the same food every day is a sure way to get tired of it and not want it again for months or even years.

On the other hand, as Taco Bell discovered during its trial run, it is a reliable way to increase participation in the rewards program. What’s more, those who come for their free tacos are likely to also buy additional menu items at the regular price, leading to an increase in overall sales. And for those who subscribe but only use it once or twice a month, this is also a victory for Taco Bell.

What do you think? Are subscriptions getting out of hand, or do you like the flexibility they provide, no matter what category they fall into?

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