T-Mobile disappears from Call of Duty and Overwatch websites as Activision Blizzard lawsuit sparks controversy

In short: T-Mobile, the main sponsor of the Call of Duty League and the Overwatch League, appears to have ended the partnership, possibly as a result of a lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard over alleged workplace sexual harassment.

Dexerto reports that the T-Mobile logo is no longer displayed on the Call of Duty League (CDL) website, despite being visible on July 21. The Overwatch League website is also missing the company’s name, although it was there as recently as July 27, and the T-Mobile brand is now absent from the Overwatch League Bonuses program.

CDL before and after photos, courtesy of Dexerto

There were other signs of T-Mobile’s absence from last week’s Major Tournament. The company logo on New York Subliners players’ shirts appeared to be taped, and none of the broadcast segments featured the T-Mobile brand.

It is also noted that T-Mobile’s CDL weekly lottery FAQ section states that the last period has been canceled and “the draw has ended.”

While the network operator did not comment on why its name disappeared, it most likely stems from a lawsuit filed by Activision Blizzard nearly two weeks ago by the California Fair Housing and Housing Department, which alleges discrimination, sexual harassment, and a culture of “student fraternity” … inside the gaming giant.

Activision Blizzard said in a statement that the documents contain “garbled and in many cases false descriptions of Blizzard’s past.” The lawsuit prompted company employees to leave their jobs last week to protest the firm’s response and demand changes.

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