Surprise book series more than doubles previous Kickstarter record

Editor’s opinion: Fantasy and sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson has broken the record for the most funded Kickstarter campaign by a wide margin. The final total from 185,341 supporters is $41,754,153, more than double the previous record. Considering how long Pebble held first place, Sanderson’s record may have remained undisputed for some time.

Pebble Time earned $20,338,986 from 78,471 supporters when her campaign ended in March 2015. Colored e-paper smartwatches have dominated as the most funded Kickstarter campaign since… that is, until last month.

Sanderson launched surprise campaign for the four novels he wrote secretly during the pandemic. His campaign to bring down Pebble Time took less than four days, leaving supporters more than three weeks to set a new record.

To celebrate the overwhelming success of the campaign, Sanderson decided to thank the community by supporting all the other safe-to-work projects in the Kickstarter publishing category.

Sanderson will begin giving away new books to backers in early 2023 in e-book, audiobook, or physical format depending on pledge level. Higher level supporters will also receive eight themed souvenir boxes throughout 2023 as an added bonus for their support.

Those who missed the promotion can still purchase goodies through backerkit for a very limited time. Sanderson said he expects the books to eventually be made available through standard publishing channels, but the souvenir boxes won’t be coming back.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey D. Allred. New York Times

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