‘Steamer’ and ‘eSports’ banned in France along with other English gaming terms

WTF?! From aperitif to vinaigrette, there are a lot of French words used in the English language, but the French government doesn’t seem happy about the role reversal, at least when it comes to gaming jargon.

The keeper reports that French officials have revised the rules for the use of English terms for players in order to maintain the purity of the language and make it easier for the population to communicate.

The French Ministry of Culture told AFP that the video game sector is rife with English terminology, which could be a “barrier to understanding” for non-gamers. Some of the translations are pretty obvious: “pro-gamer” now means “professional gaming enthusiast” and “streamer” is now the much more unwieldy “live game player-animator”.

Elsewhere, “cloud games” become “style video games”, “esports” are now “competition video games”, and “retro games” have become “retro video” or simply “retro games”.

The problem of anglicization of the French language has existed in France for many years. It has recently gained notoriety as more English words and phrases make their way into everyday speech, especially in technical terms and on social media. The language body Académie française has previously warned of “a degradation that cannot be seen as inevitable”, highlighting terms like “big data” and “introduction”.

The agency’s previous attempts to introduce new French terms were not welcomed with open arms. The most famous example was the desire to replace “le Wifi” with “l’access sans fil à internet”, which translates to “wireless Internet access”. But the changes were published this week in the Official Journal, meaning they are now binding on civil servants.

According to Local FranceThe ministry said experts searched video game websites and magazines to see if French terms already existed.

The French government previously changed “e-mail” to “courier” in 2003, and “auto-tuning” became “auto-tuning” in 2020.

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