Steam Fall Sale Now Live: Discounts, Reward Nominations & Free Badges Galore

In a nutshell: Spending all your money on Black Friday? Remember to save some for Steam. The Fall Sale is now running through the Valve Store, offering the usual plethora of discounts until its end date next week.

While the Fall Sale, formerly known as the Steam Black Friday Sale, isn’t nearly as significant as Valve’s winter and summer events, there are still plenty of deals to be found.

Some of the highlights include Deathloop, up to $ 30 from the usual $ 60, Resident evil village for $ 30, Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel for $ 39 and Psychonauts 2 for $ 42, they are all on our list of the best PC games (you must play). Disco Elysium – Final Cut at half price, now only $ 20 and you can find the greatest game of all time, Dark Souls (Remastered). for 20 dollars

Elsewhere, VR fans can enjoy Half-Life: Alix for $ 30, same price as Days are goneMass Effect Legendary Edition costs $ 35, although Xbox Game Pass for PC members might want to wait as it may soon be part of their subscription.

Apart from the sale itself, nominations for the next Steam Awards opened, allowing users to nominate any games released this year in a variety of categories, including BEST AWARDED GAME. You can even earn badges for nominations, playing games, and reviewing games.

Voting for nominees will take place at the start of the Winter Sale on December 22nd, with winners announced on January 3rd.

The Steam Fall Sale ends Wednesday, December 1 at 10:00 AM PT.

Steam isn’t the only game store that has sales right now. Epic Games Store, GOG, and A source all offer discounts on many items.

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