Steam Deck prices on eBay reach $3,000

WTF?! When something is in short supply and in high demand, you can almost guarantee it will show up on eBay at prices well above MSRP. So it’s no wonder the auction site is flooded with Steam decks, the most expensive of which tops out at $3,000, nearly five times the regular selling price.

The steam deck was always to be one of the items at the mercy of the speculators. Its original launch date for pre-orders was pushed back two months to February, while those who weren’t as quick to secure the device were recently told their “After Q2” release window would now be “After Q3.”

All of this results in a device that many want but few can get their hands on, unless you’re willing to pay extra for eBay chances. PCMag reports that the site has tons of Steam decks that sell for obscene amounts.

Looking through eBay’s Steam Deck listings, it turns out that the most expensive unit in hand – as with pre-order – is $1,799 (+ $70 shipping) for the 256GB variant. That’s more than three times its regular price of $529. There’s also a 64GB model for $1,130. Its regular price? $399

Most sellers on eBay don’t even have their own Steam decks; they just sell pre-order confirmations. The most expensive of these for the 512GB model, which should cost $649, is a comical $3,000. For $100 less you could buy gaming pc from Newegg based on Ryzen 7 5800X and RTX 3080.

The worst thing is that people actually pay those prices. Take a look at eBay Instrument Therapic shows that 516 Steam decks were sold through 448 sellers on the site, with an average sale price of $1,591, up from a peak of $1,797 a couple of weeks ago.

Last July, eBay began removing Steam decks as they violated its “Presale Policy” which states that all presale items must be shipped within 30 days, so some of the current listings may be removed as they fall within the same category.

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