Starlink users in France using data over 250GB per month may experience lower speeds in October

What happened now? Network throttling is coming soon for Starlink users in France. In a recent email sent to customers, the company announced a fair use policy effective in October that will prioritize users with less than 250GB of data consumption per month. Those who exceed this limit can expect lower network speeds, which they can resolve by paying €10 for 100GB of extra data and regaining priority access.

As part of Starlink’s new pilot program for users in mainland France, the company’s monthly service fee is halved from €99 per month to €50 per month. While this change, which is now in effect, was made in order to add as many users as possible to the network, Starlink also announced an upcoming Fair Use Policy to prevent network congestion and maintain quality of service.

This policy, which will be implemented in October, is designed to give priority access to customers with less than 250 GB of monthly data consumption. Those who exceed this limit can expect their connection to be limited during network congestion.

Starlink says that such users will still have unlimited data access (despite lower speeds) and that they can restore priority network access by paying €10 for 100GB of additional data.

Company email like general on Reddit also shows that this user prioritization is purely based on data usage and does not take into account the content provider.

Starlink’s upcoming Fair Use Policy could potentially mean higher data rate limits and/or regulatory measures in the future, which could be extended to other countries once the company receives enough feedback from users in France.

The latest, especially active Internet users are likely to be upset by this development, since the limit was not set when they originally signed up for the service. Now they will have to fork out for additional blocks of data after their connection is deprioritized.

Like PCMag notes, Starlink’s support document for the French market says the measure is intended to prevent network congestion by Starlink’s “power users” and will instead prioritize other users during peak hours. These power users will have their speed reduced “in proportion” to network usage, and their connection will not be limited during periods of no congestion.

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