Stalker 2 Developers Says No “ NFT-Related Nothing ” Due To Fan Backlash

Hot potatoes: Stalker fans weren’t particularly happy when news broke that their favorite franchise would include NFT. In fact, they protested so much that the development studio has now scrapped its original decision and announced that the upcoming sequel, Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl, will have nothing NFT-related.

Huge amounts of money are spent in the NFT world – at the beginning of December, they amounted to a staggering $ 27 billion. However, this trend has certainly proven to be controversial in the gaming industry. While games like the upcoming blockchain simulator Legacy have grossed $ 50 million on their own, other well-known publishers like Ubisoft have received a lot of criticism for using NFTs in their games.

Another studio that falls into the latter category is GSC Game World, the developer of the upcoming highly anticipated Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl. The studio recently announced a partnership with the NFT platform DMarket, which would, among other things, allow players to qualify for NFT to become a “metahuman”.

The NFT owner would then scan himself in the studio to become an NPC in the game. The idea seemed to backfire, however, as Stalker fans voiced their criticism, forcing GSC Game World to scrap any NFT plans for the game.

While this is good news for those who dislike NFTs, it is now more clear to PC players that the game will no longer be downloaded from Steam, given Valve’s anti-NFT policy that took effect a few months ago.

GSC Game World previously released a lengthy statement (now deleted) in response to player concerns, saying the studio is committed to “DOING THE NFT RIGHT”.

Now that those plans are off the table, gamers only need to worry about getting a powerful PC ready for the game when it launches next April.

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