Square Enix postpones Final Fantasy VI remaster until February

Why is it important: Square Enix confirmed this month that the final release of its “pixelated remasters” of early Final Fantasy games will not be released in 2021. However, a recent screenshot from the magazine offers visual enhancements far superior to previous remasters.

When Square Enix initially unveiled the remasters of the first six main Final Fantasy games, they planned to release them all in 2021 on Steam and mobile. Final Fantasy V released on November 20, leaving a small window for FFVI to appear in 2021. However, last week the publisher announced The remaster had to be postponed to February 2022.

As if apologetically, Square Enix has added some bonus music tracks and wallpapers for pre-purchase customers that they can get when it arrives. The December 2021 issue of Famitsu magazine suggests that the long development time of the final remaster may be due to the fact that most of the work has been done on it.

The screenshots look like the original Super NES and other pixelated remasters (below), with the exception of one showing the famous Final Fantasy VI opera rendered in 3D (above). The style is similar to the 2.5D Square Enix graphics used for The Osmatic Traveler and will apply to the remake of Dragon Quest III. None of the other pixel remasters feature similar changes, and this is the most significant visual update Final Fantasy VI has ever seen.

The first PC versions of Final Fantasy V and VI, released by Square Enix in 2015, were criticized for their messy graphics. Pixel Remastered V, by contrast, has maintained a positive rating on Steam over the past month, so you can expect VI to be too.

Playing Final Fantasy VI right now is a tough choice between the Game Boy Advance version with additional content and excellent English translation or the laudatory sound quality of the original Super NES. This new PC remaster could address that issue and significantly update one of the most popular SNES games.

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