Spotify Stops Shuffling Album Tracks By Default After Adele Asks For A Change

What happened now? Have you noticed that Spotify no longer shuffles albums by default? If for some reason this is annoying, blame Adele. The singer apparently asked the platform to play the album’s tracks in the order the artists intended, and Spotify complied with that requirement.

As reported BBCAdele appears to have sent the request directly to Spotify, and the change came after the release of the Grammy-winning singer ’30’ album. She explained her reasoning in a tweet that read, “This was the only request I had in our ever-changing industry! We do not create albums with such care and for no reason have thought through our track listing. Our art tells a story and our stories need to be listened to as we intended. “

Spotify responded to Adele’s tweet with “Everything for you.”

The Shuffle button, which looks like two overlapping arrows, has now been removed from the Album page, meaning that the tracks will be completed in order when you click Play. However, users can still shuffle tracks by going to the Now Playing view and selecting the Shuffle radio button from there.

“As Adele mentioned, we are pleased to announce that we have begun rolling out a new Premium feature that has long been requested by both users and artists to make the play button the default on all albums,” Chris Makovsky, Head of Music Communications at Spotify, confirmed Facets

Adele’s first album in six years saw 60.7 million streams worldwide the first day it was released, and Easy on Me now holds the Spotify record for the most streams in a single day.

This is the second major change that Spotify has undergone in recent years. Last week, the company finally unveiled its live lyrics feature globally, allowing users to see the words of a track scrolling across the screen in real time as it plays. Spotify is dropping support for “Behind the Lyrics” as a result of the introduction of Live Lyrics.

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