Sony reportedly unveils next generation virtual reality to developers

Long-awaited: Sony has not commented on its plans for the PSVR2 since it said it was “several years away” last year. However, he recently held a private developer summit where he confirmed some rumors about the specs of the device. It also insists on additional VR support for AAA games.

Sony has reportedly have revealed several specific specifications for the new VR headset. Based on materials from YouTube channel PSVR without parole, the new device, codenamed “NGVR” (Next Generation VR), will offer a “leap forward” in performance (video review below). The news came from a PSVR “private” summit that Sony hosted for potential developers.

When rumors first started to circulate in 2019, Sony’s next VR headset was supposed to be wireless. It seems that this is not the case. However, the NGVR will connect directly to the PS5 using a single wire, which is much better than the current headset, which connects to a dual-jack hub. The box, in turn, connects to the TV via HDMI, PS4 or PS5 output via HDMI and USB input. This will make the connection much easier.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the device will have a 4K (2000×2040 per eye) display, haptic feedback, and dimple rendering. These rumors turn out to be true. Fovable rendering uses eye tracking to focus attention on the higher resolutions where the user is looking when rendering the periphery at lower resolutions. The display will also have a 110-degree field of view, which is 10 degrees wider than the current model.

NGVR will also have newly developed controllers that will replace stick-like motion controllers. They will have adaptive triggers similar to those found in DualSense. The controllers will also feature capacitive touch sensors for the thumb, index and middle fingers. Sensors can detect how far away your fingers are, which Sony describes as an “analog” control mechanism.

Perhaps the most important thing Sony said about the new VR system is that it wants to move away from purely virtual reality and make “A” class “hybrid” games that users can play with or without a headset. We’ve already seen some of this in games like No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil 7. However, to save disk space, players will have the option to download the standard or VR version of the games. In modern hybrid games, the VR code is included in the standard game.

The release date for PSRV2 is not yet known. Sony said last October that the next-generation VR headset is still “years away.” At the time, Sony CEO Jim Ryan suggested we wouldn’t see a new headset until 2022. During the summit, Sony said it would announce launch details and pricing in early 2022. Whether this means it will be an early 2023 release into the holiday 2022 remains to be seen.

Of course, all this information is a supposedly secret meeting, and not from the mouth of a horse. So, as always, until Sony gives an official word, treat it like a rumor.

Image Credit: Uriel Soberanes

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