Sony PlayStation 5 becomes the first console to surpass Nintendo Switch in nearly three years.

Big picture: Sony’s PlayStation 5 was the first home console to dethrone the Nintendo Switch as the top-selling console in the US in a significant amount of time. If it weren’t for the ongoing pandemic and its associated supply chain disruption, Nintendo’s flight could have ended much earlier. But since the PS5 and Xbox series consoles were released late last year, they have run into inventory issues and continue to charge high markups on third-party platforms like eBay.

Matt Piscatella of NPD Group reports that PlayStation 5 was the top-selling hardware platform in September 2021 in both units and dollars received. With this achievement, Sony has secured Nintendo’s status as the market leader in hardware sales for 33 consecutive months.

November 2018 was the last month that a non-Nintendo Switch (PlayStation 4) system led the market in terms of piece sales.

Looking back, Sony’s PS5 is also the top-selling platform in monetary terms. However, Nintendo continues to lead the way in total sales.

Sony’s victory may be short-lived ahead of the holidays. Nintendo recently released an updated version of its Switch PDA with an OLED screen, but it remains to be seen if all consumers are interested in the minor changes the new model offers. In the meantime, demand for the PS5 is likely to be higher than ever, but the ongoing shortage could make it difficult to buy the console again this holiday season.

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