Sony names the most downloaded games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2021

In a nutshell: Sony has unveiled the most downloaded games for its PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR platforms for all of 2021. And if there is anything that the diagrams illustrate, it is that many console owners really love sports games and Call of Duty. …

Sony shared its charts into two regions: US / Canada and EU. Looking at the current generation PS5, NBA 2K22 tops the charts in the former area, while another sports game was the most downloaded in the EU last year – FIFA 22. But Call of Duty: Vanguard came in second in both places.

Surprisingly, on PS4, eight years after launching on console, the most downloaded game in the US / Canada in 2021 was Grand Theft Auto V. The Rockstar record holder also became the second most downloaded game in the EU. , second only to FIFA 22.

The US / Canada and EU in 2021 saw the same three games as their most downloaded VR games: Beat Saber, Job Simulator, and Superhot VR, in that order. Additionally, Sony has included a free-to-play category (PS4 + PS5), which, unsurprisingly, is dominated by Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call of Duty: Warzone. What’s surprising is that eFootball 2022 sits at # 4 on the EU chart, although a lot of people probably downloaded it just to see how bad Steam’s worst game really is.

Overall, Call of Duty ranks 11 out of 60 positions on all charts, and there are 20 sports games.

There were reports yesterday that Sony was planning to stop production of the PlayStation 4 either late last year or sometime in 2022, but now the company has decided to increase production of its latest generation console in response to the PlayStation 5 shortage.

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