Someone created a Wordle archive so you can solve puzzles from the past

In short: One of the limitations of Wordle’s viral puzzle game is that you can only play it once a day, and God forbid if you miss a day. It’s day 239 now, and chances are you’ve missed a lot more than one day. It is a pity that there are no repetitions – this is for now.

Devang Thakkar, a computational biology student at Duke University, created Wordle Archive this allows anyone to go back to any previous puzzles they may have missed. The game looks and works exactly like Josh Wardle’s original, except for the navigation buttons.

Players can jump to the first or last puzzle with a single click, no matter where they are in the archive. There are also “Back”, “Next” and “Select” options. In the settings, there are toggles for dark mode and color blind mode.

This is a handy little web app for those who missed a day or two, or for those who have never played and want to go back to the first day. However, it keeps statistics separate from the official Wordle. However, users can still share their results on social networks.

There are other alternatives to using more Wordle in your day. Mobile app stores are flooded with copycats that let you play for as long as you want. However, if they are free, expect paid features or lots of ads. Wordle Archive is free to play and ad-free.

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