Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is the first major $70 game on Switch.

What happened now? Skyrim: Anniversary Edition made a surprise debut on the Nintendo Switch last week for a sky-high $70 price tag. It claims the dubious distinction of being the first AAA game to break the $60 barrier on a handheld device, and it’s also the most expensive edition of Skyrim released in recent memory.

Skyrim on the Switch has always been a weirdo. It launched on November 17, 2017 and, except for the addition of some trinkets borrowed from Breath of the Wild, is a direct port of the original game. Yes, the original game is not the 2016 Special Edition or the 2013 Legendary Edition.

Bethesda released the Anniversary Edition for PlayStation, Xbox and PC on November 11 last year, coinciding with the original game’s tenth anniversary. It cost $50 but was also available as a $20 upgrade for Special Edition owners. Many players found it too expensive, and Bethesda with discount up to $30 on consoles by December.

Now Bethesda is hoping that some of those same fans will take it to handhelds for even more? Kotaku suggests that Bethesda chose the $70 price because they didn’t want to discount the base game, which is still $60.

The thing is, asking $70 for a title is almost comical now. It’s also – once again – available as a $20 upgrade for base game owners, which is a slightly better deal. But in the end, this amounts to an unreasonable levy placed on the game’s diehard fans.

The Switch Store has games worth over $70 that also come bundled with DLC and other bonus content. With the exception of Skyrim, no major release has jumped from the $60 price point that has remained the same for fifteen years to the looming $70 standard. It’s only a matter of time before other publishers join Bethesda.

Take-Two was the first to announce a slow price increase to account for the rising cost of production. Ubisoft, Activision, Sony, and Square Enix have adopted a $70 entry point across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. I bet The Elder Scrolls: VI will cost $70 too.

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