Singaporean politician assumes internet access for minors to inappropriate material will be cut off

Hot potatoes: What is an effective method of preventing minors from accessing online material that is inappropriate to young eyes, other than, of course, parental surveillance? One response, the Singaporean minister said, is internet shutdown combined with crowdsourced content assessment.

Singapore Defense Minister Dr Ng Eng Heng spoke with technical wishes at the 2021 City State Awards for Defense Technology, reports Registry… These included buildings with built-in cleaning technology that can kill viruses and bacteria, the ability to work with classified materials somewhere closer to home rather than headquarters, improved distance learning, better website validation, and greater transparency about those who is posting false messages. information on the Internet.

One of the minister’s most controversial hopes is “real-time guidance for minors who are very impressionable when surfing the net. Maybe even a warning alarm or an emergency switch. “

As for who decides which materials are suitable for children and which are not, they can be found on the Internet and in real time, “like Wikipedia, for its accuracy,” said Eng Hyun, who obviously not very much. uses Wikipedia. …

“So you’ve read about a recent example. Someone radicalized on the net, bought a gun on the net, and all this himself. for weapons in the network, an emergency switch, ”he continued.

The minister acknowledged that the possibility that the Internet breaker will ever become a reality is highly unlikely. “Commercial companies are struggling with this, and partly sensationalism and echo chambers determine profit, and they have to choose between profit and social responsibility,” he explained.

It was emphasized that these ideas are just a list of things “we need and if only”, which means that Singapore will not necessarily implement any of them.

News broke last month that Singapore had begun testing a pair of robots named Xavier in high-traffic areas looking for “unwanted social behavior,” including Covid-19 disregarding security measures (for example, “a gathering of more than five people “). “), smoking in prohibited areas, improper bicycle parking and illegal trade.

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