Seven EU countries have obtained a digital vaccination passport


Why it matters: As a prime mover, the EU could help lead the way for post-pandemic global travel. The bloc is in discussions with the United States on how to check the vaccination status of American visitors this summer. It is likely to concern ethicists and data confidentiality experts that concerns about vaccine passports may be used to further reinforce inequities. (To read more about why, look at the complete coverage of the problems from our Pandemic Technology Project team.)

Your dead ?: However, it currently seems unlikely that vaccine passport will become common to travel in the United States. Several states, including Alabama, Arizona, Florida and Georgia, have banned it. The New York Excelsior Pass, the U.S. government’s first vaccinated passport, has been downloaded more than a million times, but this is only a small proportion of the 9 million who have been vaccinated, and the vast majority of companies do not use it either.


Even the first motorists abandoned them. Israel was one of the first countries to issue a vaccine passport. It is “Passu Verde“It was designed to allow access to restaurants and sporting events for those who could prove they were vaccinated. But, when successful vaccination in the country has brought coronavirus numbers in double digits,” This week Israel took the plunge as it moves to open fully for all.

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