Second Quake Remaster Update Adds Horde Mode And New Maps

What happened now? Bethesda has released the second major update for the remaster of the classic first-person shooter Quake. It adds a completely new campaign mode and scenario, and fixes some minor bugs and improvements.

Update 2 for the Quake Remaster is now available for all platforms. The first major addition is a brand new one Horde PvE Mode from MachineGames, which can be played alone, with up to four other players, or with a combination of real players and bots in cooperative mode. The mode supports all difficulty levels and is played on four new maps.

Quake Horde mode has nine obligatory waves, in which killing enemies earns points, and killing them quickly activates a points multiplier. In every third wave, there is a boss who, after being defeated, will drop the key to unlock more weapons and items. Normal enemies can also drop bonuses. After the completion of the ninth wave, players can either exit or continue fighting the endless waves. Progress is reset if all players die.

The free add-on is the 2012 scenario “Darling”, the initial release of which highly acclaimed at Quaddicted. Players can access it from the Add-ons section of the game’s main menu, right above the Quake 64 scenario. Bethesda describes Honey as containing flooded crypts and underground temples with “skillful use of fog and silhouette effects.”

Honey heralds MachineGames’ third Quake expansion, the other two are already packed with the remaster on the list of major single player scenarios. In an interview with Bethesda, Honey creator Christian Gravert points to a couple of Quake modders that players might want to check out: “mfx” and “Bal,” the latter of which Gravert praised for a script called “Dwell.”

This update also brings Quake to the Epic Games Store for the first time and allows PC users to play together in storefronts.

Bethesda released this remaster in August to celebrate Quake’s 25th anniversary. He brought Quake to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series consoles, and Nintendo Switch. Plus, it offered the remaster for free to people who already owned Quake on Steam and, which effectively gave them another way to run Quake beyond DOSBOX, GLQuake, or the original port.

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