Scalpers struggle to sell RTX 4080 above MSRP but retailers won’t let them return cards

facepalm: It’s no secret that the RTX 4080 doesn’t sell particularly well, primarily due to its $1,200 price tag, which most people think is too expensive. The situation has even affected speculators, many of whom now have to resell their cards at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and in some cases even cheaper. Several used sellers have tried to return them, which seems to have prompted some retailers to stop offering refunds for the RTX 4080.

We are used to the fact that video cards are in such high demand that speculators quickly buy them in bulk and sell them at auctions at grossly inflated prices. But the MSRP of the RTX 4080 (and RTX 4090) has led to memes calling Nvidia profiteers.

Our investigation last month found that the RTX 4080 isn’t selling as well – most retailers have plenty of them in stock. But it seems like many speculators thought the Lovelace card would be hard to come by, so they decided to buy units to resell.

This lack of demand and abundance of inventory is evident on eBay, where many RTX 4080 cards are selling for around or slightly above their official retail price, a far cry from the bad times when GPUs cost three or four times their suggested retail price.

Videocards reports that one scalper is offering six RTX 4080s from different manufacturers at a suggested retail price. The seller writes that “The market is not what I thought.”

It seems that due to the inability to sell the RTX 4080 cards, several resellers returned them at their own expense – where it is allowed. YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead noticed that Newegg does not allow customers to return cards for refunds, perhaps in response to so many scalpers trying to cut their losses.

RTX 4080 sellers looking to make a quick buck won’t get better. More cards are constantly coming in from different AIB partners, and the upcoming launch of AMD’s cheaper Radeon RX 7900 series is likely to make Nvidia’s pricing even less attractive. Given what gamers have been through in the last couple of years, it’s hard to imagine people shedding tears for the unfortunate speculators.

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