Scalpers sell DDR5 kits for up to $ 2,500 on eBay

Hot potatoes: If a consumer product is hard to find, you can almost guarantee that people will be selling it at inflated prices on eBay. DDR5 memory kits are added on the site to numerous graphics cards, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, which sell for up to $ 2,500.

Retailers have already been selling DDR5 kits at high prices ahead of Alder Lake’s release last month. They sold out quickly and upgrades had the option to buy the DDR4 compatible Z690 board. And as we all know, high demand combined with low supply is a dream combination for eBay scalpers.

PCMag reports some obscene priced kits at auction. It looks like the most expensive item right now is the Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2 x 16GB) 5200MHz DDR5 SDRAM kit, which is priced at $ 2,499. Corsair enumerates memory at USD 340 on their website, meaning an eBay seller increases it by 635%.

Elsewhere, we see some of Oloy’s 16GB DDR5 RAM kits selling for around $ 800 – a 600% markup over the $ 160 retail price tag.

EBay’s proprietary Terapeak tool shows that the average selling price of DDR5 memory over the past month is $ 531, with a top selling price of $ 2,500. Total sales were also $ 86,671.

The situation is further exacerbated by a shortage of Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) integrated into DDR5 modules, which increases the procurement time to approximately 35 weeks.

Granted, there aren’t many DDR5 kits on eBay compared to the mountain of graphics cards and consoles, but the only people who would like them right now are those with a compatible Alder Lake motherboard, so the target audience is smaller. Owners of the latest Intel chips can always opt for the DDR4-compatible Z690 mobile computer, although they tend to have fewer features. However, we noted in our reviews that whether you want to use a Core i5-12600K, Core i7-12700KF, or Core i9-12900K, DDR5 does not offer a significant performance boost over DDR4 for most tasks.

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