Scalpers make the Xbox Series X mini fridge sell out in minutes, and prices now hit $ 300

Bottom line: Not content with the huge profits they are making from the Xbox Series X, scalpers are now lashing out at the mini-counterpart of that console. Prices for the new product approached the level of the digital console model.

The Xbox Series X Mini Refrigerator was made available for pre-order earlier this week for a reasonable $ 99 price tag. As expected, scalpers seized the opportunity to profit from the significant mark-up, with the result that the gaming device sold out in minutes.

US retailer Target immediately ran out of stock. The situation is similar in the UK, where retailer GAME, the exclusive supplier of mini fridges in the region, has placed pre-orders to start at 2:00 pm. Just 10 minutes later, customers took to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the fact that they had already been sold.

On marketplaces like eBay, those who managed to pre-order were listing them from $ 250 to $ 300. Likewise on eBay UK prices approaching £ 300 mark.

Josh Stein, Xbox Social Marketing Manager confirmed these additional stocks will arrive for the mini fridge release sometime in December.

Head of Marketing Xbox Games Aaron Greenberg echoed The announcement reassures those who missed the Target release that most of the units for this launch will be sold in stores in December. In addition, Microsoft said it will continue to expand regional availability in 2022.

The Xbox Series X mini fridge, which was originally a viral meme poking fun at the console’s rather large dimensions, became a reality when Microsoft announced a partnership with Ukonic to create a replica.

The tower holds up to 12 cans connected by two snack shelves in the door. It also features a USB port for charging devices, and a DC power adapter allows the mini fridge to be mobile.

In terms of the availability of the console itself, supply chain restrictions will affect production of the Xbox Series X until 2022.

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