Samsung overtakes Intel to become the world’s leading semiconductor supplier

What happened now? Samsung replaced Intel as the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer with a 19% increase in quarterly sales amid strong demand and higher prices in the DRAM and flash markets.

Like Apple’s long-standing rivalry in the phone world – prior to Xiaomi’s dominance – Samsung is constantly battling Intel for its number one position in the semiconductor industry.

According to the August 2021 McClean Report update from market research firm IC Insights, Samsung has moved from second place in Q1 2021 to first in Q2. The company raised $ 19.26 billion in integrated circuit (IC) sales and $ 1.03 billion in optoelectronics, sensors, and discrete devices (OSD) sales. Korea Herald reports that total sales were $ 20.29 billion.

Intel’s second-quarter sales were $ 19.3 billion, up just 3% from the previous quarter. This change marks the first time Intel has lost its leading position since the third quarter of 2018.

IC Insights believes Samsung will remain the leader in the current quarter as demand for memory grows, surpassing Intel’s total sales by approximately $ 3.5 billion.

Next on the list is TSMC in third place, followed by SK Hynix in fourth and Micron in fifth. The last two companies showed sales growth of 21% and 16%, respectively. Elsewhere, Nvidia’s sales grew 14% and MediaTek’s 17%. They were two of four non-enterprise companies in the top ten, along with Qualcomm and Broadcom.

Total sales of the top ten in the second quarter were $ 95.5 billion, up 10% from the previous quarter. IC Insights predicts the semiconductor market will grow 23% in 2021.

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