Samsung Galaxy S23 feature can bypass battery charging and directly power the phone.

In a nutshell: The latest Samsung Galaxy S23 phones come with some cool features, including the ability to bypass charging while gaming, so your phone can be powered directly from a wall outlet and not charge at the same time, causing it to run slower.

Gamers and power users will appreciate a new Samsung Galaxy S23 feature called “Pause USB Power Delivery” that has been added to the Game Booster settings as discovered by YouTuber NL Tech. When turned on, the phone stops charging and supplies power directly to the phone hardware, bypassing the battery. This keeps the battery healthy over time and cools down the phone.

Pause USB power the feature works without a dedicated charger, which is great news. This feature prevents the phone from heating up during activities that require a lot of power, such as playing games. What usually happens when you plug in your charger is your phone starts draining your battery and also using power to power your processor. But with bypass charging, the processor can better manage the temperature of the device, the overall heat dissipation of the device is reduced, and this should provide more efficient operation (for example, avoid throttling).

On the other hand, while this feature should work with S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra phones, owners report that the feature is not showing up on all devices, although it may be added later via a software update.

Samsung didn’t mention Pause USB Power Delivery during last week’s Galaxy S23 reveal or in the One UI 5.1 changelog. As such, it remains to be seen if this feature will be available for older Galaxy flagships.

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