Saber Interactive will create a video game adaptation of the horror movie “A Quiet Place”

In the context: Film adaptations of video games are generally not well received by producers who are unable to capture the point in a non-interactive format. Movie-based video games are arguably better. A few notable examples include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019), Mad Max (2015), Alien Isolation (2014), and GoldenEye 007 (1997). Saber Interactive hopes to contribute to this list by offering A Quiet Place.

Tuesday Saber Interactive announced he works with ILLOGIC and EP1T0ME based on a video game based on the Paramount Pictures movie “A Quiet Place”. The game is not strictly a film adaptation. Instead, the developers will take the basic premise of the film and create a unique game set in this terrifying universe.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, A Quiet Place (and A Quiet Place Part II) is set in a world overrun by extraterrestrials who are extremely sensitive to noise (trailers below). The only way to coexist with these creatures is to remain completely silent. The slogan of the film: “If they hear you, they hunt you.” It really looks like a winning recipe for the survival horror genre.

However, Saber’s press release did not provide details about the game.

“Quiet place [is] is a new single-player horror adventure video game based on the acclaimed Paramount Pictures film franchise, “said the publisher.” This is the first official video game set in the terrifying universe of A Quiet Place. the thrilling intrigue, emotion and drama for which the series is famous. “

Both iLLOGIKA and EP1T0ME are relatively unknown in the video game industry.

How iLLOGIKA worked mainly in a support position, helping to develop and port various games, including Cuphead and Eidos go series on mobile platforms. He only has two original games behind his belt are Rogue Racers and Subaeria. Saber mentions that the studio has experienced developers who have worked on the Rainbow Six and Far Cry franchises, so it has talent.

A Quiet Place will be EP1T0ME’s first video game. The company is best known for its comic book series. St. Mercy… So it looks like it would be good for the plot, although neither Saber nor iLLOGIKA said so directly.

“The video game A Quiet Place will allow fans to experience the tension of films with a level of immersion they have never felt before,” said Herve Sliva, Creative Director of iLLOGIKA. “We’re thrilled to be working with EP1T0ME and teaming up with Saber Interactive to share this unique vision of hope and horror with players around the world in the future.”

Saber Interactive is the real driving force behind our partnership. The Embracer Group subsidiary has produced several high-quality reproductions of AAA-grade video games, including Crysis Remastered, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and the upcoming next-generation port of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Also no stranger to adapting movies for video games. Saber developed World War Z and World War Z: Aftermath.

A Quiet Place is scheduled to release next year.

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