Russian modder upgrades RTX 2060 graphics cards to 12GB GDDR6

In short: Nvidia is trying to resurrect the RTX 2060 with double its original VRAM, possibly as early as Q1 2022. In the meantime, the keen modder has upgraded the existing RTX 2060 card in the same way to see what kind of performance boost could be expected.

Rumors have reached us over the past few months that Nvidia may soon release updated RTX 3000 series graphics cards and resurrect the RTX 2060 to try and address supply issues. Last week, several regulatory filings confirmed that Nvidia is indeed preparing the RTX 2060, but with a twist – the company could also double its VRAM capacity, although that probably won’t improve performance in most scenarios.

However, how spotted from Tom’s Hardware, some tech enthusiasts aren’t waiting for this to happen and are quite comfortable modifying existing cards like the GeForce RTX 3070. Such is the case with the Russian modder VIK-on, who is well known for making the 16GB RTX Graphics Cards 2070 and RTX 3070 …

The modder decided to apply the same to the GeForce RTX 2060, and for this purpose he chose the Asus RTX 2060 Turbo, which had a new power phase for the memory subsystem after the original one exploded. In terms of memory, VIK-on opted for Samsung K4ZAF325BM-HC14 GDDR6 2GB chips. It’s not exactly what Nvidia is preparing for release, but it should be close enough to give us a good idea of ​​what to expect from the updated card.

After replacing the original memory chips, the modder ran the Unigine Superposition test as well as the Ethereum miner to see if there was a performance difference compared to the standard configuration. Unsurprisingly, more video memory did not translate into performance gains, as benchmarks did not increase memory usage above six gigabytes. However, if an application requires more than six gigabytes of video memory, you should see a performance improvement.

Newer games like Battlefield 2042 seem to perform well at 1440p even with graphics cards with only 6GB of VRAM, but using higher quality settings pushes it to the limit. This means that very soon eight gigabytes will become necessary, even at medium to high graphics settings. This could also be the reason Nvidia is re-releasing the RTX 2060 with double the VRAM, as it will make it more competitive with AMD’s RX 6600 or the upcoming RX 6500 XT

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