Roku and Walmart want to make streaming TV the go-to place for e-commerce shopping

In short: “Always close.” Apparently, that’s the motto of Roku’s latest advertising partnership with Walmart to turn its streaming platform into an e-commerce shopping destination. The duo’s new pilot program aims to combine entertainment with the world of commerce and enable shopping “at the time of inspiration.”

It will leverage Roku’s expertise in streaming advertising, namely targeting, optimization, and measurement, to deliver buyable ads during commercial breaks.

To to interact with ads, just click “OK” to go to the product page. Payment details are automatically populated from Roku Pay, the company’s dedicated payment platform. Users can view additional product photos or simply click OK again to complete the checkout.

A confirmation of your Walmart purchase will be sent to your email address along with shipping, returns and support information.

Roku said its ad-buying platform OneView will have the ability to activate and measure ads that can be bought.

“We are working to connect with shoppers where they already spend time, shortening the distance from discovery and inspiration to purchase,” said William White, chief marketing officer for Walmart. “So far, no one has cracked the code associated with the purchase option,” he added.

Shopping from your TV is not exactly a new concept. Shopping channels such as QVC and consumer-facing 1-800 advertising have been around for decades. More recently, live streaming from companies such as Amazon, eBay, and Whatnot have begun to gain momentum.

Rocu said that future iterations of the pilot will look to create even deeper commercial experiences to satisfy consumers where they are.

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