Rockstar will re-release classic versions of GTA Trilogy for PC

What happened now? Rockstar posted an update today on its website, apologizing for the state in which Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was launched. He also announced plans to let people buy classic versions of the three updated games again.

Rockstar didn’t offer a specific date that it will re-list older PC versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and has not confirmed a price, but said it will return them to the Rockstar store on PC “shortly “. They will be sold as a bundle, and anyone who buys the Definitive Edition by June 30, 2022 will receive the Classic bundle for free.

Early October Rockstar excluded from the list original versions of classic games from digital PC and console stores. Rockstar has also filed notices of violation of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act and lawsuits against the developers of the original PC games. Modders are currently grappling with the claims of the game maker.

A month after Rockstar dropped the classics, it released the Definitive Edition, which was heavily criticized. It ended up with the lowest Metacritic user rate ever – 0.5 out of 100. When Rockstar released the remastered collection on PC, it had to shut down its servers for maintenance to prevent users who bought it or other games from the store from playing. … their. The company had to briefly remove the Definitive Edition from the PC market because someone discovered it still contained the infamous “Hot Coffee” code.

The Definitive Edition has updated the three foundational open-world action games in Unreal Engine 4 with vastly improved visuals and controls. However, gamers and critics criticized it for its poor performance and sloppy approach to improving graphics. Rockstar has promised not only to make the original versions available for purchase, but also to improve the remasters through updates.

Anyone planning to get classic GTA games for PC should keep in mind that even these versions don’t offer the same experience as the original PlayStation 2 versions out of the box. For example, the PC Gaming Wiki page for GTA III: littered with patches, significant fixes and mods needed to restore the PS2 version’s appearance.

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