Rocki Robot Review: A Tentacle Cat Bot at a Distance

Rocki only works while you control it via the app (available at iOS and Android). There is no autonomous way, so if you stop driving, stop the movement. Sometimes it goes well, like when I want to play with my cats without getting out of bed. But a big selling point for these types of robot toys is that you can control over your pets when you are at work. If you’re working on it, you can’t be stuck to an app (or I can’t be, at least). For $ 250, I’d like to see an automatic setting available. (The Ebo can exit automatically.)

Most cats are probably more interested in the laser tentacle on Rocki’s head than the device itself, but dogs can enjoy hunting it, especially if they distribute candy. You can bend the tentacle to face forward, backward, from either side, or even right. You can also move it from left to right by swiping your finger on the application screen, even if the actual movement is a bit shaky.

The company says the laser may be replaced with other games eventually, but at the time of publication, no one is available. It would be good to let your cats play with feathers or bells from time to time, since lasers should be limited – your cat would like to get rid of that little red dot, but it can increase the risk of accidental eye damage, and never catching it can be frustrating. Just make sure you play with them for real, with a game that can sink their claws out.

Missing connections

Medea Giordano via Rocki

The Rocki app could use some work. It’s slow and buggy. While my internet provider is partly to blame, it’s not just Optimum’s fault.

First, you need to connect to the Internet every time you open the app. This is annoying even when you have a large internet but my service provider as well it gives me problems with disconnecting and restarting. I can’t say I was surprised that he started influencing the products controlled by the app, but he was still frustrated and left Huxley staring at Rocki hoping, waiting for his friend to approach.

After trying different networks, the connection process was made easier. But even then, the app can be slow to load, and it often disconnects and has problems connecting to the bot. I found myself exiting and reopening the application, or deleting and downloading it again and again. The Rocki Robot is new and the only product of the company, but the price is too high to justify this type of customer experience, especially when to get to control it via the app. I expect some updates to be released eventually.

And the invitation to rooms with Wi-Fi in your home is a big concern. Like many of us find security cameras useful, even the most reputable companies they were pirates o have security breaches. Unlike the Ebo, you can at least turn off the Rocki, but if you’re still worried, you can hold it out of the camera or throw a blanket over the camera when you’re not using it.

Watch out

Photography: Rocks

As an anxious animal parent, a mobile robot like this is useful. I can drive around the bed or under the bed to find a cat that usually sleeps peacefully just out of sight. Don’t worry animals Do I really need anything that costs that much?

As I said in our Ebo review, cats need more play time and affection than you might be led to believe. Yes, you can go for a weekend, and they’ll probably be fine if they have food and water, but we miss them when we go, and they get bored. Bored cats it could destroy your home, eat too much, fight other pets, or prepare you in a bald spot. If you can afford a $ 250 game, your pet can really benefit from a robot like this. Huxley likes it and often waits for it to move even if I start the Ebo, so it’s clear he has a preference.

But he still needs a lot of work. And since it’s so new, there’s not even a ton of stock – at the time of writing this, it’s only available for pre-order (even if it’s discounted to $ 199). I can’t recommend it either. If you are an anxious pet parent, too, I always advise you to get one pet camera. For now, at least.

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