Riot Games hacker stole League of Legends source code and anti-cheat program

In short: Riot Games, developer of League of Legends and Valorant, recently reported a security vulnerability. The company said it doesn’t have all the answers right now, but wanted to inform users that there is no indication at this time that player data or personal data has been compromised.

Riot Games in a series of tweets said their development environment was compromised by a social engineering attack last week. The developer asked for patience while they work on this issue and continue to investigate, but the incident is already leaving its mark on the company’s roadmap.

Riot Games said the breach temporarily affected their ability to release content. In other words, they expect it to slow down patch releases for several games.

In an update posted earlier today, Riot Games revealed that hackers had cracked the source code of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and an outdated anti-cheat platform. According to Riot, disclosing the source code could increase the likelihood of new cheats.

The stolen code also included several experimental features that have not yet been released to the public. Most of this content was in the prototype stage, so there is no guarantee that it will ever be implemented.

The team also received a ransom email, but made it clear they would not pay.

Riot is working with security consultants and law enforcement as they continue to review their system and investigate the group responsible for the attack.

A separate tweet from the official League of Legends account notes that the incident may affect the release of patch 13.2, but the team added that they have recently completed a fix that will include a lot of the content originally planned for patch 13.2. Look for it to go live January 26. Other content like Ahri’s ASU won’t arrive until Update 13.3 scheduled for February 8th.

Twitter account for Team battle tactics repeated similar sentiments. Changes not included in the hotfix will be carried over to the next major hotfix in February or implemented via additional hotfixes.

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