Resident Evil Village Coming to PlayStation VR2

Why is it important: The PlayStation VR2 will be Sony’s second VR headset, and the company says it will launch with more than 20 “major” games. We still don’t have a release date or pricing information, but instead we took a look at some of the games being developed for the platform.

On my own Game state The Sony event showed off several teasers and trailers for upcoming PlayStation VR2 games.

Perhaps the biggest announcement is that Capcom is developing a Resident Evil Village update that will bring PS VR2 support. The game was released last May and was generally well received by players and critics alike, winning several Game of the Year awards.

Ethan Winters can now wield two weapons, and gameplay in the trailer shows him using a shotgun and pistol at the same time. Lady Dimitrescu, the game’s three-meter antagonist, will no doubt look even more… menacing in virtual reality.

Sony has confirmed that next year’s Resident Evil 4 remake will also feature PS VR2 content, without specifying if the game will be fully available in VR. It’s worth noting that the original RE4 was released for the Oculus Quest 2 last year.

Sony then unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which will be exclusive to PS VR2. The combat system mostly revolves around dodging and using the compound bow. There also seems to be a lot of traversing and rock climbing, which looks fantastic if you don’t have a fear of heights.

Hello Games is also bringing No Man’s Sky to PS VR2, although the game already supports Windows-compatible headsets and first generation PS VR. The new version will most likely just be optimized for the new Sony VR controllers.

Finally, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution is a new zombie shooter coming to PS VR, PS VR2 and Oculus Quest on PC.

None of these games have an exact release date, as the PlayStation VR2 platform hasn’t been released yet.

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