Researchers have discovered a way to control areas of the brain using light rays

What the heck ?! A team of researchers tested the ability to control the brain using only light. They can control the actions and emotions of laboratory mice in a process they say is completely reversible. There is no word on whether this can work in humans.

Researchers describe a technique that uses a special kind of blue light to control communication between neurons in the brain. It temporarily stops communication between certain brain cells. Researchers can control behavior and emotions depending on which areas of the brain they are targeting. In one example, they removed the fear memory from a mouse.

The method, called Opto-vTrap, was developed in South Korea by Director K. Justin Lee of the Center for Learning and Social Life of the Institute of Basic Sciences and Professor Ho Won Do of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Researchers are using it to better understand how the brain works. Lee says it may ultimately help improve the treatment of epilepsy, muscle cramps, and enlargement of skin tissue.

There are ways to control brain activity, but they cannot affect certain types of cells. These alternative methods can also misfire neurons or cause permanent or permanent neuronal damage. Conversely, the effects of Opto-vTrap wear off after about 15 minutes.

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