Qualcomm’s new AR technology could expand desktop area with virtual monitors

Something to look forward to: Ever wanted more display space but didn’t have enough physical space to bring it to life? Qualcomm has found a solution to this problem by introducing new AR technology that expands the desktop area of ​​PCs with virtual monitors to increase your workspace.

The technology was shown during the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2021, where participants were able to test the virtual monitor application themselves. The setup consisted of a pair of AR glasses connected to a laptop equipped with Qualcomm’s recently announced Qualcomm 8cx Gen 3 SoC, which ran an app to display virtual monitors on the AR glasses.

Note that Windows identified each virtual monitor as a new display. Users could move the virtual monitor anywhere, which is sure to come in handy. The virtual monitors did cause some lag, but overall the experience was acceptable – at least if you use them for reading and surfing the web. If you’re thinking about watching movies or playing games, you might have to wait for the best AR technology to come out.

Another great feature provided by Qualcomm AR technology is privacy. Only the owner can see the virtual monitors, so if you are working in a public place, the only thing others will see is what is displayed on your laptop screen.

Apart from the typical wobbling of the glasses themselves (a result of the generic design), they also offer a rather limited field of view. Given that the glasses were probably just a prototype, these problems are understandable.

While Qualcomm is developing AR technology that is geared more towards office use, companies like Microsoft serve the military and automotive industries.

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