Qualcomm says Apple Silicon will have a serious competitor by 2023

In short: Apple’s M1 series chipsets are so impressed with their performance and power efficiency that Qualcomm wants to offer a similar solution for Windows laptops. The chipmaker expects the first commercial devices powered by this new chip to arrive in 2023.

MediaTek is slowly taking away Qualcomm’s share of the mobile chipset market, but Qualcomm is not particularly concerned about it. Qualcomm is more concerned with building laptop processors that can compete with Intel, AMD and Apple processors.

During Investor day In 2021, the chipmaker announced that its next-generation Arm-based SoCs are gearing up to launch in 2023. Dr. James Thompson, Qualcomm’s CTO, said the new chip is designed to “set the benchmark for Windows PC performance” and offer comparable value to Apple’s M-series chipsets.

Qualcomm’s new silicon is being developed by Nuvia, which it acquired earlier this year for $ 1.4 billion. Nuvia is led by three former Apple employees who previously worked on the A-series chipsets for the iPhone and iPad. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Nuvia tested a prototype Phoenix CPU core that was supposedly capable of delivering twice the performance of the most efficient x86 laptop CPU core at around 4.5W.

Competing with Apple M-series chipsets will also require a more powerful GPU. Qualcomm says it will expand on the Adreno GPU design to bring desktop-class gaming performance to laptops. The chip maker also promises stable battery performance comparable to Apple’s M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

Qualcomm plans to present samples of the new chip to PC makers next year and expects the first devices based on it to arrive in 2023.

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