PS5 bezel maker advises Sony to “sue us,” threatens legal action, recalls products

Facepalm: In the classic case of someone (almost) getting what they asked for and then regretting it, Dbrand, the PS5 bezel maker who told Sony “come on, sue us,” took their Darkplates off the market. after the gaming giant threatened legal action.

It was back in February that Dbrand’s Darkplates – matte black bezels for the PS5 that gave the console a more classic PlayStation look – were available for pre-order. The move came after another bezel retailer, CustomizeMyPlates, was forced to withdraw its products from sale and cancel all pre-orders due to training from Sony’s lawyers, who had already demanded that the firm change its name from PlateStation5. But CustomizeMyPlates products made a comeback earlier this year with no PlayStation-like logos.

Dbrand was not worried about the same fate, he mocked Sony, daring to sue. It even says that the microscopic texture inside Darkplates demonstrates “a familiar but legally distinct apocalyptic twist on the classic PlayStation button shapes.”

But it seems that the Canadian firm’s arrogance was reckless. It took Sony months to act, but this cessation letter finally arrived at the door of the bezel maker. Part of the notice states that Dbrand products “copy SIE products [Sony Interactive Entertainment] protected product design, “and Sony seems to disagree with the claim that these button shapes are” legally different “from PS button designs – Dbrand suggests Sony may now want to follow Squid Games’ lead.

V Dark Plates Section The Dbrand store currently only displays links to articles in the media about Sony’s legal threats. The company used Reddit to long answer which is summarized as follows: “we decided to obey the demands of the terrorists … now… “

“Finally, let’s go, and especially Sony. We’ll talk soon. “

Sony’s aggressive stance towards third-party manufacturers suggests that it is preparing to release its own official faceplates, which Dbrand believes is about to happen. But most people are more concerned with being able to buy a PlayStation 5 without resorting to eBay. If you are a US resident falling into this category, you can sign up for the opportunity to receive an invitation to a restocking event.

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