President Biden appoints Jessica Rosenworths FCC Chair

Why is it important: President Joe Biden removed the timestamp from Acting FCC Chairperson Jessica Rosenworthl, upgrading her to Chairperson on a full-time basis. This appointment marks the first time in history that a woman has held this position.

Rosenworth was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2011. She joined the FCC as Commissioner in 2012 and was nominated for a second term by President Donald Trump in 2017. Some thought she might get a nod as the first female chair when former chair Julius Genachowski stepped down in 2013, but Tom Wheeler eventually took over.

Wheeler left the post in early 2017 when Trump took office and was succeeded by Ajit Pai, who in turn resigned in January this year when the Biden administration came to power. Since then, Rosenworth has served as interim chairman.

The White House also announced that Biden had appointed Gigi B. Son FCC Commissioner. Sleep worked for Wheeler for a couple of years, but left the FCC when Trump came to power. If confirmed, Dream will become the first LGBTIQ + Commissioner in FCC history.

FCC Commissioners Brendan Carr and Jeffrey Starksin separate statements, she congratulated Rosenworth on her five-year nomination and appointment as FCC chairman.

It is unclear if the Senate plans to confirm the candidatures before the end of the year or why the president waited so long to make his choice. However, if the confirmations are approved, the Democrats will again have a 3: 2 majority over the Republicans.

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