Popular seven-year-old game on Steam has risen in price due to inflation

Hot potato: Imagine a game that came out seven years ago, never entered a Steam sale, and now gets a price increase. You can imagine that such a scenario will cause a general outcry among the fans, but not when it comes to Factorio.

Like most products today, Factorio’s price goes from $30 to $35 due to inflation. Game prices are on the rise as more games accept the new $70 base price, but it’s strange to see a game released in 2016 get a boost, especially since it’s never gone down in any of Steam’s many annual sales. .

Factorio during early access, it had a base price of $20, and in 2020, when version 1.0 was released, it rose to $30. The developers have previously explained why the game will never be a sale on Steam, and this is something that many people can understand: the developers do not want to reward those who refrain from buying Factorio at full price so that they can get it cheaper later. ; most of us know the annoyance when you buy a game at full price only to get a discount a few weeks or months later.

“If you think that [Factorio] the price is too high, then you can not buy, and we hope that with time and additional development we will be able to convince you of its value, ”wrote the developers.

The $5 price increase for Factorio was announced on Twitter on January 20, six days before it went live. The response from the majority of the community has been very positive, with many commenters asking for more ways to support the game; it never featured microtransactions or expensive in-game DLC (you can buy the soundtrack for $7).

Another reason many people don’t get mad at the price spike is because Factorio is a great game. It has a very positive “Recent Reviews” rating on Steam (“all reviews” are overwhelmingly positive), 90 on Metacritic, and PC Gamer gave it a 91%. The $35 fee is a good deal for the number of hours of enjoyment it will bring.

However, not everyone is willing to pay the extra $5. There were about 150 recent negative reviews on Steam complaining about the price increase and Factorio’s aversion to sales.

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