Popular puzzle game Wordle has a new copycat from Bizarro World

Another dependency: Being such a simple concept, the Wordle game has undoubtedly generated a lot of headlines. From intellectual property theft to corporate buyout, the conundrum has made its way through the gamut of news cycles and has become a cult classic. He has also created many imitators and variants, the latest of which seems to hail from Htrae DC (aka Bizarro World).

Antiwordle is the exact opposite wordle. Instead of six attempts to guess the word, Anitworld gives you unlimited attempts not to guess the word. It’s harder than it looks.

The game has the same hint method as Wordle. Red squares mean the letter is in the correct place and all other guesses must have that letter in place. Yellow means the letter is in the word, but in the wrong place, and subsequent attempts should contain that letter somewhere in the guess. Gray means it’s not in the word and you’re not allowed to use it on subsequent attempts.

The game continues as long as you can keep entering words without hitting the target. This is not an easy task due to restrictions on the use of letters and because your mind naturally wants to guess the word. It almost makes you relearn how you think about the game. It has a hard mode, but the vanilla version is hard enough for me.

Like Wordle, there is only one puzzle per day. I just discovered this today (thanks Kotaku) and lost after 5 tries. I know that I can achieve more, so now I have another daily habit.

My guess is that when Josh Wardle created Wordle out of boredom during the pandemic, he had no idea it would get nearly as much attention as it does now. It got the attention of social networks and generated at least 77 imitators including Antiwordle. More surprisingly, the NY Times bought the game. Whatever the case, I’m sure this won’t be the last we’ll hear about the crazy quirky puzzle game.

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