Popcorn Time is shutting down due to inactivity

Editor’s comment: Popcorn Time, which was once considered the Napster for films, has come to an end. The entertainment industry has changed significantly since 2014, when the app was first launched. As with music, the public is willing to pay for content when available, convenient and legal alternatives exist. The current market provides consumers with a stream of video streaming services to choose from, which is what led to today’s announcement.

The app hit the scene in February 2014 with the aim of making it easier to watch pirated movies and TV shows on the Internet.

V interview With Torrent Freak shortly after launch, one of the product developers said that everyone who worked on Popcorn Time was big movie fans and most of them had Netflix accounts. The developer thought going to the movies was the best way to watch a movie, but that’s not always an option, and that’s where Popcorn Time comes in.

“We hate that we don’t have the opportunity to watch films at home. Popcorn Time is an experiment to show that you can do something better for your users, and that you can do it with BitTorrent, ”the developer said.

Naturally, Hollywood was not keen on the idea, and the original app was quickly shut down. The proponents insisted on their own, and soon several forks were developed to support the concept. Many legal problems would follow, but it would not be a collapse of the service.

The Popcorn Time team told Torrent Freak that declining interest from the pirate community has forced them to shut down the service.

“It’s time to say goodbye,” the team noted. “The world doesn’t need Popcorn Time anymore.”

Image Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

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