Plus: The organ transplant system needs urgent revision.

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I scoured the internet to find the most hilarious/important/scary/exciting tech stories to date.

1 Chip makers are already pulling out of $52 billion in CHIPS funding.
While cash is a welcome boost for the industry, the fight is far from over. (FT $)

2 Organ transplant management software is dangerously outdated
Irritated transplant doctors say the system threatens lives. (VP $)
+ The UK Health Service will use AI to identify and treat people at risk of contracting hepatitis C. (The keeper)
+ New storage technology could significantly increase the amount of liver available for transplant.. (MIT Technology Review)

3. Covid has dealt a severe blow to the health of Americans
The scale of which is only now becoming clear. (WSJ $)
+ Anti-aging drugs being tested as a way to treat COVID-19. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Elon Musk Countersues Twitter
But the details are being kept under wraps. (CNBC)
+ Here’s what might happen next. (New York Meg $)
+ Musk suggested that the interaction between Twitter accounts has decreased. (insider $)

5 Data Brokers Sell Data on Billions of Potentially Pregnant Women
While the true number of people is unclear, it has chilling implications in the post-Roe world. (Gizmodo)

Top 6 streamers face harassment and offline harassment
Obsessive fans exploit the intimacy that has become the hallmark of the stars. (New York Times $)
+ China wants to control how its famous streamers act, talk and even dress. (MIT Technology Review)

7. Part of the most powerful Chinese rocket fell to Earth
NASA was unimpressed by the country’s failure to warn of falling debris. (NBC)
+ The organization sends a couple of helicopters to Mars. (IEEE Spectrum)
+ Here’s what you may have missed in these images from the James Webb Space Telescope. (BigThink)

8 True Crypto Believers Keep the Faith
They remain calm and continue to act even if other investors do not. (WSJ $)
+ Bitcoin recovery month was short and sweet. (bloomberg $)
+ It is safe to say that the advice of these “crypto-warriors” should be treated with a great deal of skepticism. (sieved)
+ Forget breakfast, Tiffany does NFT. (CNET)
+ The Crypto brothers dump their expensive Rolex watch after the crash. (New York Meg $)

9. These scientists want to use AI to communicate with animals
The problem is that much of animal communication is rooted in physical movement. (The keeper)
+ It’s much easier for AI to show us what cities look like without traffic jams. (Motherboard)

10 Biggest VR problem? doesn’t stink enough
While the scent can make it a lot more exciting, it can also be a lot more disgusting. (Wired $)

Quote of the Day

“I can’t control the price of eggs or milk. If it goes up, it just goes up. I still need him.”

— Shannon Villa, who works at an Amazon warehouse, describes how he and his family are having to deal with rising prices for shoppers across the U.S. and US. Washington Post.

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