PlayStation 5 beta temporarily saves screenshots and videos in the cloud for easy sharing via PS app

In the context: Sharing screenshots with PlayStation 5 is less than intuitive. It currently only has Twitter integration, so if you want to share something on Facebook, you must post it to Twitter first. Sony appears to be trying to make PS5 media sharing easier in a limited beta.

Sony announced via Twitter that it is beta testing the PlayStation 5 feature that allows users to share screenshots and videos via the PlayStation mobile app. The beta is currently only available in Japan and Canada. Sony has not announced any plans to open beta testing outside of these regions, however, depending on how it goes, Sony may expand testing or drop it all “at any time.”

“Important: we can change this beta version or discontinue it at any time; in addition, some of the features available during this beta version may not be included in any final release or may undergo significant changes. “

To use this feature, users must first turn it on in PS5 settings. The “Stay connected to the Internet” option must also be enabled and the console must be in rest mode. After activating game capture, whenever users take a screenshot or video clip using the menu or the New button, the media is automatically uploaded to the cloud. However, videos must be less than three minutes long with a resolution of no higher than 1080p.

Once downloaded, users have 14 days to access media using the PlayStation app. The content is displayed in the Library> Grips tab. From there, it can be saved to camera roll, shared with friends or PSN members via Game Base, or posted on social media.

Sony used to have Facebook integration with PlayStation 4. Posting screenshots and videos (up to 15 minutes) to Facebook was a relatively straightforward process and an easy way to access media created on PS4 from your phone or desktop. However, Sony broke off relations with Facebook in October 2019 for an unknown reason and removed this integration. The game capture feature isn’t quite as convenient as posting directly to Facebook, but it’s better than the current clunky alternatives.

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